Welcome to The Mastermind Group

Your Network Is Your Net Worth!

What is The Mastermind Group Community?

The Mastermind Group community is an exclusive network and family of entrepreneurs, professionals, and educators with different backgrounds that all share a common purpose of becoming the best version of themselves and also helping each other create a better quality of life and financial freedom.


Our Purpose

The purpose of The Mastermind Group Community is to provide a space where people from all over the world and all walks of life can network, connect, and build relationships with other like-minded individuals that share the same goals, values, interests, and principles. 

In addition, our community is dedicated to providing life-changing value and education to our members so that they can also become the best version of themselves. Our community hosts group sessions, calls, classes, courses, and has different clubs all dedicated to connecting like-minded people and helping them on their journey of self-development and financial freedom.

Our Pillars

  • Self-Development: A true mastermind is always on the quest for self-improvement. We discuss different tools and resources you can use to help mold yourself into the greatest version of yourself

  • Mindfulness, Metaphysics, & Manifestation: The mind is the most powerful tool and resource we have at our disposal. You will learn about how to program and leverage the power of your subconscious mind to become more successful in all areas of life, using meditation to increase your overall mental health, the universal laws you weren’t taught in school, and how to better manifest the life of your dreams and more

  • Investing & Trading: The stock market is one of the greatest tools for generating wealth and creating financial freedom. Our team of advisors, investors, and traders are here to help you on your journey and make sure you don’t make the same mistakes we made and shorten your learning curve

  • Health & Wellness: Health is Wealth. In our community we also discuss topics related to not only physical health, but holistic health also. We have trained individuals with years of experience in this field and also herbalists that are really dedicated to their crafts and healing

  • Real Estate Investing: In addition to the stock market, real estate investing is another powerful tool when it comes to creating generational wealth and financial freedom. Our team has experienced realtors and real estate investors are dedicated to helping you build your real estate portfolio and answer any questions you may have

  • Professional & Business Development: The development of your business and your professional life is very important. On our team we have consultants that have helped develop businesses and also professional careers

  • Advertising & Promotion: In our community we support each other’s businesses. Feel free to promote and advertise your business, products, and services. Most communities will tell you to limit this, not The Mastermind Group Community

Programs & Services

  • Exclusive Social Network

  • Weekly Classes, Workshops, and Seminars

  • Weekly Market Prep With Experienced Traders and Investors

  • Morning Inspiration Call

  • Book Club

  • Accountability Group

  • Exclusive Content

  • A Network Of High Earners

  • Meditation & Yoga Classes

  • Group Challenges

  • Weekly Self-Development Assignments

  • Guest Speakers

  • Bible Study

  • Discounted 1 on 1 Sessions

  • Discounted Courses

  • & More

Meet Our Founder & CEO

Peace and Abundance, my name is Michel Johnson, Founder & CEO of TMG. I was born in Liberia February 6, 1993. This was a very crazy time for my home country because this was during the first Liberian civil war. My family was fortunate enough for the opportunity to escape to America when I was very young. I grew up in a God fearing home with humble beginnings, which made me desire financial freedom at a young age.

Growing up I loved computers and decided that I would go to college for computer engineering. I eventually graduated from Temple University with a bachelor's degree in Electrical Computer Engineering and I've worked as a full-time engineer for many years. 

I knew that I wanted to be an engineer but I also knew that I didn't want to work for anyone longterm. In college I began reading a lot of self-development books like Think And Grow Rich By Napoleon Hill, Rich Dad Poor Dad By Robert Kiyosaki, and The Secret By Rhonda Byrne to name a few. This began to change me into the person I am today and developed this desire to be great.

I've spent many years reading and studying the requirements of success, the art of greatness, and the process of manifestation. Today I am a certified Coach, Educator, Business Owner, and seasoned Investor & Trader. Throughout my life I've learned many tools and resources that have helped me on my journey. I realize that my purpose is to help others create a better quality of life, and financial freedom. That's why I created The Mastermind Group. So other people like me can help change the world for better!


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